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Reading and writing is so much more excting than pen and paper. We will take you on a journey you will never forget. Come read with us!


Typology uses innovation and imagination to create new and exciting reading experiences for children and young adults. We bring together authors, illustrators, coders, musicians,  game designers, and filmmakers, and integrate new and emerging technologies to take storytelling into the future.


We develop books across platforms and modes, using print text, video, audio, games, augmented reality,  virtual reality, music, and images to take the reader on a journey they will never forget. We are redefining what a 'book' is, and challenging concepts of 'reading.'


Typology Tech understands that teachers need support to help students read and write multimodal texts. That's why we have qualified experienced classroom teachers creating and delivering a range of blended or online courses on everything relating to multimodal text.



ISBN: 978-0-9944776-1-3  Category: Fiction / Young Adult  Ages: 12+


Category: Fiction/Young Adult/Psychological Thriller
Ages: 14+

Enhanced PDF

ISBN: 978-0-9944776-5-1 Category: Fiction/Young Adult/Psychological Thriller Ages: 14+


ISBN: 978-0-9944776-4-4 Category: Fiction/Young Adult/Psychological Thriller  Ages:14+

What we Offer

Typology Tech will take you on reading journeys you will never forget
Multimodal Novels

Multimodal Novels

We change the way readers engage with fiction novels. Our mBooks use augment reality to present the story across platforms using different modes and formats.

Narrative Games

Narrative Games

Is it a book or a game? You decide. The reader is in control and decides how the story progresses, making decisions for the characters. Where will your story go?

Teacher Professional Learning

Teacher Professional Learning

We support Educators to teach students to write in different formats to meet the multimodal text outcomes in Australian English syllabuses from K-12.

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