Our Studio

Typology Tech is a publisher, and though we do publish some print-based paperback novels, we are not a traditional publishing house. Typology is a tech-based collaborative creative artist studio that produces great books in new forms of narrative.  Great storytelling is our focus, but this happens in various formats across different platforms. Our ‘books’ are traditional in that they house great stories, but non-traditional in that these stories are told in different formats across different platforms.

Our Approach

Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do here at Typology. But, as with our storytelling, our collaborators are NOT always in the same place at the same time. Cloud technology enables us to work with awesome people in awesome places around Australia, and the world. Our readers can get involved in our ‘write-your-own chapter’ program; or aspiring authors, game designers,  teachers, app developers, or any interested artist, can learn from our team through Typology Learning. 

Our Process


Each book starts with a solid narrative. We look for high-quality manuscripts from authors dedicated to their practice. But the manuscript is only the beginning. For a book to come to life, our authors MUST have a vision. And that vision needs to be shared…


Working collaboratively is fundamental to bringing the story to life. Film-makers, game designers, coders, artists, musicians, and other creatives join forces with the author to create innovative, engaging, narrative adventures for readers.


Building the book is the fun part! This is where all involved in the creative process for a specific book begin building it. Iteration is an important part of the design process and a book may undergo several rounds of reading & playing before it is ready for our beta-readers.

Slick, relevant, appropriated targetted design is our aim. Our authors, designers, and developers keep readers in the forefront of their minds throughout the design process.

Our transmedia reading adventures are experiences in the best of web development and design to ensure our readers’ journey is safe and seamless.

We love what we do here at Typology, and we hope you will too! Our authors and designers consistently engage in best-practice processes, and sometimes are awarded for doing so!

Join us on social media to become part of the Typology story. We’d love to hear what you would like to read and/or play.

We select the best graphic designers and artists to add value to our story-telling adventures, across all platforms.

Our games can be standalone or app-based games or are integrated with our books to form part of the story.