by James Russell

Typology establishes itself as a player in emergent forms of media integration with storytelling.

Typology Publishing has entered a vibrant and growing Australian book culture that values writing amongst its modern art forms. Typology is reinventing the school reading curriculum and encourages recreational reading as a part of a young person’s life. Typology’s claims its place in this rich culture as a publisher with a focus on emerging forms of multimodal and transmedia storytelling with the aim to further engage both reluctant and committed young adult readers.

 Multimodal and transmedia storytelling enable text to be communicated over a variety of different platforms, working in concert with digital technology. This allows a modern author the creative freedom to include audio and visual cues along with traditional text, effectively layering these forms to generate an encapsulating and detailed experience for lovers of fiction and non-fiction alike.

Typology proudly aims to publish authors who embrace these diverse forms of storytelling in their works, providing a relevant way to engage with younger readers who increasingly seek out reading experiences in digital formats. Typology understands that with the increasing prevalence of everyday digital devices, today’s readers are searching for new reading experiences and sees this as an opportunity, rather than a hindrance, to provide a world of new and exciting reading adventures.

Typology is to both readers and authors alike, a publishing firm that provides the highest quality reading experiences constructed via the innovative use of new and diverse storytelling techniques.

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