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Khyiah Angel writes (mostly) gritty urban realism for young adults. She uses her background experience as a teacher, both in primary school and high schools, to inform and develop the plots and characters in her novels. True to her inner geek, Khyiah is experimenting with different ways of creating text using technology to enhance narrative with the development of multimodal novels. When she is not writing, Khyiah runs courses for writers to assist them in the business of being an author.  On weekends, she can often be found at a Masters Swimming carnival or an Ocean Swim event.




Sarah St.George is a counsellor, yoga teacher and writer. She grew up in England but always knew she’d leave. She’s travelled extensively and lived in the US, Japan and now Australia. Sarah also writes general fiction under the name Sarah Bourne and has had two adult fiction novels published. When she’s not writing, counselling or teaching yoga, she can be seen being pulled along the streets of Sydney by her dogs, chauffeuring her teenage kids around or contorting herself into strange pretzel shapes on her yoga mat.