If you would like to be considered for publication by Typology, it is VERY important that you comply with guidelines. Any submission that does not comply will be dismissed without response.

For submissions that comply with the guidelines, please allow four weeks for a response (though it may be sooner).

Firstly, please ensure you familiarise yourself with our core business. We ONLY publish books that can be represented across modes and formats.



Send an email with the subject line ‘Submission: [your surname]’ addressing the following:

Name of text


Target reader age group 

Short author bio

One paragraph synopsis

Social media strategy

Cross-platform summary (ideas)

Attach to the email a PDF of the first three chapters of your manuscript.

The above points are standard for most publishers, however, in addition to these points, because we publish books across modes in different formats, please ensure you include your cross-platform summary. This is just a paragraph or two (no more than 300 words) about your vision for how your manuscript may be represented in different modes and/or integrated across platforms.


Presently we are looking for  YOUNG ADULT fiction. Our target readership is the young adult and new adult market. This includes readers 12-24 years old, or anyone interested in reading | playing | accessing reading material for this age group.

Later in 2018 we will be expanding this to include long-form fiction for 8-to-12-year-olds, so check back to see when submissions for this age group open.

We DO NOT publish:

  • adult fiction or non-fiction
  • picture books
  • targetted religious material

At the moment we are not publishing nonfiction for young adults but will be accepting submissions for nonfiction material early in 2018 so check back then.

If you meet the submission guidelines, email your submission to:  submissions (at) typologytech (dot com dot au)

If you are in ANY doubt as whether your material may or may not be suitable, please send us a query.