Transmedia text is story told over multiple platforms in many formats. It is a single narrative that may incorporate experiences in reading text, gaming, viewing, listening, responding, and creating content. Transmedia storytelling is designed to enhance the readers experience by full sensory immersion in the narrative.

Over the next few months we are going to run a series of information posts and interviews with key players in the field of transmedia text. These will be from the perspective of writers/creators, programmers/developers, designers, and educators.

Transmedia texts have been around for a long time, but the term Transmedia still seems to generate quite a bit of discussion and debate.

Convergence theorist  Henry Jenkins argues that transmedia is more than just multiple media platforms, it involves the relationship / connections between the elements (modes) used to deliver the narrative which seek to add something to the story as it moves from one medium to another, not just a retelling. Transmedia enables the further development of the story world through each new medium; for example offering a back story, a prequel, additional ‘episodes’, or further insight into characters and plot elements. (Jenkins, 2011).

Transmedia text also requires a more complex production process because the author/s not only have to write the story, she/they need to be able to create the content for the different platforms; or at least be able to envision and articulate how the story may move across platforms.

If you’d like to know more about Jenkins thoughts on Transmedia text, watch this short discussion on Travels in Transmedia.


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